The agriculture Degrees

agricultureWant to work in the open air, in contact with nature and animals and hope to have quickly become your own boss? Agriculture now offers a wide range of professions to respond to your aspirations, subject to graduate and motivated. Meeting with young professionals who have chosen this path despite the reluctance of their parents and have no regrets.


Agricultural jobs: work is in the meadow!


A degree or nothing

Today it is not really possible to consider a career in agriculture without appropriate qualification. Qualifications are the most appropriate ones agricultural education, under the Ministry of Agriculture, and offer comprehensive training courses, engineering degree. These degrees are offered in public or private, in initial or continuing training, school status or alternately.


Graduation, the range of occupations is very broad: the sectors of agriculture, of course, but also the sectors of agribusiness and food, environmental careers, jobs landscape, or those of veterinary medicine … To install and set up or take a farm, while enjoying the installation aid distributed by the state, must have a minimum tank professional conduct and management of the farm (agricultural higher technician certificate) which will be supplemented by a course of installing two weeks. These degrees can also work as head of culture, for example, as an employee.


A sector that recruits

53% of farmers considered their economic situation “acceptable” and less than one in three reported having experienced difficulties during the winter somewhat or very important, is the lowest rate since the first survey created.