Study in the USA

study in USA

Quality, diversity and flexibility of the education system, ultra modern campus dedicated to the development of students, hosting young students nearly from 200 different nationalities  and renowned universities, internationally renowned, cutting-edge programs, diplomas recognized throughout the world for jobs the key … good reasons to study from the United States are numerous.


In the American system, the Bachelor Degree is the first reference in degree. Next, come the graduate level degrees, Master and PhD. depending on the original route of the student, you will find the appropriate level of qualification.


Your major is the discipline in which you want to specialize. Even though it is not strictly necessary to specify its staff during registration at an American university, it should however make sure that the university in question offers the discipline or that may be of interest.


Since there is no Ministry of Education in the U.S., no official classification is established by the U.S. government. However, there are non-governmental organizations that assess the quality of academic programs. These assessments to establish a hierarchy between universities in order of value, They are judged by the renowned national and international teachers and researchers, the value of companies and research publications, the quality of education and also the careers of students who are out. The application for accreditation is voluntary on the part of universities and schools, once obtained, accreditation may be an important indicator of the quality of the institution and the value of the diploma discerned. Among the organizations that validate the quality of academic programs in the United States, the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is recognized as the benchmark for business programs. Whatever the degree sought, all international students must complete at least 12 credits per semester to maintain its Academic standing, which is required for the validity of the visa.


Cost of studying


The American educational system is a reflection of American society: high inequality but where the opportunities are many. Studies in the United States are very expensive. They are seen as a real investment for the American student. Many students borrow to finance their education. In many cases, Americans start saving even before the birth of their children!

Study from the United States for a foreign student is still much more expensive and abandon this project for that reason. The student must understand, however, that the financing of his studies, very important aspect of the trip, will in most cases compared with profitable financial sacrifices made. Bidding his university course of a year or more of study in the United States will be a huge advantage in its curriculum.


So prepare a budget before submitting your application. Use the tables various fees which are in most university brochures. American universities will ask for your resources and guarantees. You can’t get visas if you can prove that you are able to pay all costs of your education during your stay.

The main costs you will face are:


  • Tuition fees: the cost of education.
  • Registration fees (Fees): cover university services such as the library, activities and the infirmary.