Nursing Master’ List

Being a nurse is putting human health at the heart of its concerns. Is to choose an occupation requiring qualities of discipline and empathy, based on both scientific knowledge and human relationships.

nursing degree

It is also, in the context of disease prevention and health promotion, choose to treat suffering people and support them in difficult times. It is, finally, be in the thick of the action and demonstrate the richness and the human dimension brings nursing care. In this context, this profession requires taking and responsibilities in relation to the skills required in the practice of nursing role.

From Bachelor in nursing, many careers open to you in care institutions or training as well as in humanitarian action.


Continuing education or postgraduate allows for specialization in a particular area of care:


  • Anesthesia


  • Intensive care,


  • Mental Health


  • Public health


  • Oncology


  • Obstetrics


  • Gerontology


  • Management of nursing services


  • Education


  • Research