List of Best U.S. Colleges

It is again time for the students to begin a new semester. A university education is very important in the modern world. Most professionals expect applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree and many require further study.


The competition for jobs is reflected in the university competition for the best students. Since a student will spend at least four years of his college life, he must ensure that the institution he chooses is the best in his chosen field.


What are the best American colleges?

cal tech

Cal Tech University

Cal Tech (California Institute of Technology) is definitely top of the list. If you are interested in engineering, Cal Tech is the place where Register. Cal Tech graduates are leaders in their field and among its graduates is Harrison Schmidt, an astronaut who walked on the Moon.


Harvard University

It is not surprising Harvard ranked number 2, it is well known for its law school. Founded in 1836, is the oldest university in the United States, the name of John Harvard who provided the funds to finance the creation of the school. Its main advantages are: a teacher of exceptional quality and research centers.


Stanford university

Stanford university

Stanford is third on the list, this is one of the most selective universities, accepting only approximately 7% of all candidates. Stanford alumni have founded many high-tech companies such as Google, Hewlett Packard and others.


Princeton University

Princeton University

Princeton is number 4, which is not surprising. Princeton University is considered choice if you want to win a Nobel Prize. More than 30 Nobel laureates have graduated from Princeton. This is one of the smallest in the top five, it has the advantage of being a small company with the prestige of an Ivy League BA (prestigious universities on the East Coast of the United States).


The universities of California are represented by the University of Berkeley, UCLA and at number 10 to number 13. These are great campus with up to 38,000 students. A city within their walls.


We must make the most of his college years to ensure his career. Foreign students can be successful in American universities, if they come with a good level of English.