Higher education in the United States

In the United States, the academic year begins in late August / early September to end May. American universities also offer summer courses for students who want to catch some courses or take a little in advance, the choice depending on the case.


higher education


The American education system is divided into three types of institutions for higher education: Colleges, universities and institutes.

They deliver all degrees of importance, and value that are recognized by the government. Their difference lies more in their education center.


Regarding Colleges, they are more focused on a quality higher education to acquire a broad general education and focused on specific disciplines. They deliver degrees in two years called associate of arts or associate of science. They are more attractive to foreign students because they are less expensive than universities.


American universities focus more on research and also offer lectures. Their strong point is the variety and diversity of supply of materials. They have a network of partnerships with enterprises in scientific and commercial sectors. All these elements contribute to the reputation of American universities. It should however be aware that there is a division between public and private universities, the latter often depend on religious affiliation and their fees are higher, but they are often better classified.


Finally Institutes are more geared towards teaching a discipline in addressing areas that are attached.


To get most out of their study trip to the United States, we must first know the degrees to get and courses to choose the right college and programs best suited to their projects.

There are two academic courses: Undergraduate program (Undergraduate Studies) and Graduate Program (Graduate Studies).


  • The undergraduate program is the bachelor that lasts 3 years, but there must be 4 years of study for the degree of Bachelor’s degree. The objective of the program is to give students a literary and scientific culture (Liberal Arts).


  • As for the Graduate course, it includes the Master’s degree, which validates five years graduate, and doctorate (PhD). This level of training places a strong emphasis on research. The master is divided into two courses: the Academic Master, including the Master of Arts and Master of Science, and Professional Master (Professional Master). Universities are often quoted on the basis of their teaching areas. Ranking the most famous is that of the U.S. News rankings but like everything, it is taken lightly.


Because of the quality of teaching in American universities, many students are made a clear idea of ​​the university of their dreams.

According to the Fulbright Commission, the formations that are popular with students who come to study in the United States are the business (20% of students), which includes any trade, management and administration, engineering (15%), mathematics and computer science (13%), social sciences, natural sciences and physical training as well as the literary, artistic and communication, attracting 9% of students.