Bachelor Degrees List

Bachelor Degrees


The bachelor degree is a U.S. degree prepared in four years colleges in the more commonly known universities; the bachelor degree is an undergraduate college degree.


Bachelor Degree: Major and Minor


The Bachelor’s degree issued in the United States is composed of a major and possibly a minor. Most corresponds to the main topic that the student has chosen to study while the minor is a second object of study treated in less depth but the student may still highlight when find situations job search. It is not always necessary to choose a minor.

Most of a Bachelor Degree in the United States is composed of a core curriculum (compulsory courses) of a liberal arts curriculum (general subjects such as history, math, science …) and specific courses selected by the student.

This is because the student can select a large part of its course it is often referred to degree-measure when it comes to Bachelor’s Degrees in USA.

The majority is not necessarily chosen at the beginning of the studies. Some universities also allow their students to choose their major not only from the second year. The first year of Bachelor Degree is devoted to the exploration of different disciplines.


Different Bachelor Degrees


At the end of training, the student receives a Bachelor Degree therefore it has generally validated in four years (124-128 credit hours). There are at least two types of Bachelors: The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS).

It is not possible to give a precise definition of one or the other or to establish a difference between the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science both their content and their form differs from one institution to the other.


It is commonly said that the Bachelor of Arts degree is a generalist rather devoted to the humanities (sociology, economics, psychology, history, geography …). However, one can find Bachelor of Arts in disciplines of sciences or natural sciences. For example, a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, The difference is sometimes a small detail. To continue with the example of chemistry in some universities, students who choose a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry must necessarily study a foreign language while studying a foreign language is optional for students who choose a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.