Associate Degrees in nursing

online degreesAssociate degrees are a kind of two-year college degree in a Specialized field. There is a wide-range of degrees available and in professional jobs and many institutions; the associate nursing degree is one of those degrees.



A census of the United States in 2000 showed that only about 7.4% of students over age 25 years and older had an associate’s degree in any field. This statistic is not specifically for nursing, but surely there would be catastrophic data. Given the fact that the degree of Associate in Nursing focuses primarily on the transmission of technical skills for nurses, this course should be on the list of all nursing students.


The reasons for the low popularity of associate degrees in nursing are explained below:


  • Students who complete the degree often end up taking a higher level of education, such as Bachelors of Science in Nursing. For example, some students think that be Associate Degree is a waste of time.


  • The degree focuses primarily on the technical aspects of nursing. Bachelors of Science in Nursing also covers the technical aspects of nursing, but not to the extent provided in the associate degree, but still enough for a nurse to do its job. This is another reason why students do not like the Associate Degree in Nursing.


  • Institutions of health care are not normally accept applications from nurses who have just completed the Associate Degree. They prefer nurses who have the degree and also have at least 2 years experience. Otherwise, they also consider B.Sc. students who have no experience at all.


  • It is true that the degree defines the basic principles for students to do additional courses in nursing, but students could have done these courses, even without taking the measurement. Especially, the degree does not teach everything about nursing students, which also discourages not take this course.


  • All aspiring nurses, only 5% of them actually take the associate degree in nursing, which only lasts for 2 years. This statistic is good enough to say that the degree is losing its shine against other nursing courses. The reasons for the low popularity of this course have been explained above. That being said, it is important to note that the Associate Degree is the best course to do if a nurse wishes to acquire expertise in the technical aspects of nursing.