In the American system, the Bachelor Degree is the first reference in degree. Next, come the graduate level degrees, Master and PhD, depending on the student’s initial course, we will find the appropriate level of qualification.



Your major is the field in which you want to specialize. Even though it is not strictly necessary to specify its staff during registration at an American university, it should however make sure that the university in question or propose the subject (s) that may interest you.


Since there is no Ministry of Education in the U.S., no official classification is established by the U.S. government. However, there are non-governmental organizations that assess the quality of academic programs. These assessments to establish a hierarchy between universities in order of value. They are judged by the renowned national and international teachers and researchers, the value of companies and research publications, the quality of education and also the careers of students who are out. The application for accreditation is voluntary on the part of universities and schools, once obtained, accreditation may be an important indicator of the quality of the institution and the value of the diploma discerned.


Whatever the degree sought, all international students must complete at least 12 credits per semester to maintain its Academic standing.